Benchmark Assessment (Cold Write)

Benchmark Assessment (Cold Write)

Informational Writing


Write a brief response to this question.

  • What do you know about informational writing?

Open Notebook

Share your knowledge with the class.

Benchmark (Cold Write): Informational

Work Time

Now you will write your informational piece. Remember that an informational piece is a text that gives facts and information about a topic. It can also be writing that explains something.

You will have 20 minutes to write your informational piece.

  • Write a brief informational piece in response to the prompt.

Social Class and Law

Act 2 of Pygmalion

Work Time

With your triad, read and annotate act 2 of Pygmalion to Liza’s exit: “Mrs. Pearce shuts the door; and Eliza’s plaints are no longer audible. Pickering comes from the hearth to the chair and sits astride it with his arms on the back.”

Use the following questions to help prepare for discussion.

  • Ask yourself as you read: Is the Flower Girl (Eliza Doolittle) in danger of becoming a “ruined” woman?
  • Is Eliza concerned about that herself?

Continue to mark places of confusion. Also mark any additional references to social class.

Eliza's Hope

Work Time

Complete a Quick Write.

  • What does Eliza Doolittle hope to gain from her lessons with Higgins?

Open Notebook

Share your Quick Write response and your annotations of act 2 with your partners. Choose one or two annotations to share with the whole class during the Closing.

About Act 2 of Pygmalion


Discuss your responses to act 2 with your classmates.

  • Share your Quick Write response, your annotations, and any questions about your reading of act 2 so far.

Character Descriptions


Look at the words used to describe Eliza and Higgins.

  • Pick five adjectives that describe Eliza Doolittle and five adjectives that describe Professor Higgins.
  • In a few sentences, write down anything you notice about the words you picked to describe the play’s two main characters.

Open Notebook

Continue your ongoing homework assignment:

  • Read your Independent Reading Group Novel.
  • Remember to submit two journal entries a week to your teacher and publish some of your journal entries so others can read your work.