Tailored Writing Instructions

Tailored Writing Instructions

Argument Writing


  • Take a minute to consider what you already know about argument writing. Then share your responses with the class.

Benchmark (Cold Write): Argument Writing

Work Time

Now you will write an argument. Remember that an argument is a text that provides claims and gives evidence to support them. It also deals with opposing or alternative counterclaims.

  • You will be given a set of facts to base your argument upon. Assume that all the facts given are true; develop your argument on the basis of the evidence provided in those facts. Your argument must use the information in these facts to support your claim. Your argument must also acknowledge a counterclaim. Present your reasoning in a clear and logical manner.

You will have 45 minutes to write your argument.

Benchmark (Cold Write): Argument


Consider the argument you just made. Turn to a partner and respond to this prompt.

  • How difficult would it have been for you to argue the opposing claim? Why?