Anthology Peer Review

Anthology Peer Review

Your Best Chapter


Discuss your best project work with your class.

  • What do you feel you have become an expert in throughout this process? What, if anything, do you still need help with?
  • Which chapter do you think best represents you and are you most comfortable sharing with classmates in the class anthology?

How to Publish Your Chapter

Work Time

Take some time to explore how to preview and publish your chapters.

  • Review with your teacher how to preview all your chapters to make sure they look as you want them to, and how to publish them.

Be sure to ask questions if you have any.

Peer Feedback

Work Time

Work with a partner to get feedback on the chapter you want to include in the class anthology. Follow these steps.

  • Take notes. After reading this chapter, what do you understand about your partner? What message do you think the chapter conveys? How does it take advantage of the capabilities of the website-creation or portfolio platform? Are there ways you think it could do so better? Are there any pieces of the chapter that are confusing?
  • Talk with your partner to provide him or her with feedback.
  • Take notes about what you plan to change, based on your partner’s feedback.

Final Preview

Work Time

Now it’s time to give a final once-over to all the chapters you are publishing for your final project.

  • Preview each chapter to make sure it looks just as you want it to.
  • When you are satisfied with your final work, publish it.

Project Successes


Respond to these questions.

  • What was most unexpected about using the website-creation or portfolio platform?
  • Which parts of your final project are you most proud of?

Open Notebook

Share your responses with your class.



Complete your project work.

  • Check your Planning Calendar to make sure you’ve finished all the steps.
  • Publish all of your chapters, including the one you are sharing in the class anthology.