Carpe Diem Poetry

Carpe Diem Poetry

Three Arguments and "To His Coy Mistress"


Prepare for a Whole Group Discussion about Lesson 2’s Closing and homework.

Share with a partner your list of the two or three arguments each poet made in his poem.

  • Review your notes from Marvell’s poem “To His Coy Mistress,” and recall the two lines you identified in Lesson 2’s Closing that you would like to share with the whole class.

Then discuss your homework and “To His Coy Mistress” with your classmates.

Four Poems

Work Time

With your partner, join another pair of students to talk about the good qualities of each of the four poems you have now read.

  • Make a list of lines you like from the poems.
  • Comment on the diction (the particular vocabulary) each poet used and compare it.
  • Discuss which poem you think would be most effective in convincing the young woman to do what he wants.
  • Talk about how the speakers of the poem flatter the young woman.

Open Notebook

A gallery of the four poems follows.

Best Poem for Purpose

Work Time

Write about which of these four poems does the best job accomplishing its purpose. Use one of the following options.

  • If you are the recipient of the poem, write about which poem you would most like to receive from an admirer and why.
  • If you are the sender of the poem, explain which poem you would send and why.

Open Notebook

A gallery of the four poems follows.

Share your writing with a partner. Together make a list of what was important to you from the poem you chose.

Join with your teacher and classmates in creating a list of criteria for judging a love poem.

Criteria for Judging a Good Love Poem


Consider the criteria you and your classmates added to the Criteria for Judging a Good Poem class chart.

  • Decide for yourself what criteria on the list are important to you for judging a good love poem.

Open Notebook



The next two lessons are dedicated to your culminating assessment.

  • Review your notes on the poems and the informational piece “Carpe Diem.”

A gallery of the texts follows.