Protists: Helpful or Harmful? (AIG IRP)

Stage 3: Evaluate

Student articles should be assessed using the following rubric elements:

  1. Article format is appropriate to an online news article
  2. Article maintains topic consistency—the positive effects/uses of protists
  3. Article is well-organized with clear main ideas
  4. Article contains supporting details for the main ideas presented 
  5. Grammar and spelling is appropriate for the grade level
  6. A minimum of three sources are cited correctly

Teacher Notes: An alternative engagement activity involves collaboration with students’ Health teacher. Often students write a short essay or create a PSA about a disease, its causes, effects, treatments, and possible prevention.  Giardiasis, trichinosis, malaria, and many other diseases are caused by protists and demonstrate the “negative” effects of these organisms and could be Health topic choices.  The science teacher can then counter this negative portrayal of protists using the RAFT elaboration activity.