This lesson is from Tools for NC Teachers. In this lesson, students use digit cards to build a number based on a set of clues. Students will have the opportunity to create their own clues and work with partners to build numbers. This is remixable.
Upper Primary
Grade 4
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JENNIFER CIANO on Nov 27, 10:44am

I am a 4th grade math teacher. I really like how this resource gets students physically moving to create numbers and how they are moving digit cards based on the place value clues they are given.

* Alignment to NC Math Standards: This resource has full alignment to the depth and breadth of the standard that was tagged by asking students to read and write numbers up to the 100,00 place.

* Evidence of Learning Objectives: Learning objectives need clarification in order to fully be address in the resource. "I can determine the value of a number by its place in the number." needs to be more evident in possibly the questions to pose to students in order for them to be able to accurately explain how they can determine the value of each digit based on the clues given. As well as getting them to verbally say what they value of each number is.

* Evidence of Assessment Strategies: As this is a lesson flagged as a game, there are no assessment strategies indicated in this resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment if they choose to use this as a lesson versus a game.

* Strengths: (1)-This resource is accessible for kinetic, visual, and auditory learners.
(2)-This resource requires minimal or no additional materials to address the instructional goals.

* Opportunities: (1)-I would suggest having place value heading cards available for students who are struggling to determine the correct place to put numbers.
(2)-To extend this activity possibly ask students to write clues specific to each place value:
(For example ....If the 4 digit cards are: 6, 8, 3, 4 )
*The digit in the ones place is a multiple of 2.
*The digit in the tens place if 5 more than the digit in the hundreds place.
*The number is less than 8,400



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