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Digestive System

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The digestive system is amazing: it takes the foods we eat and breaks them into smaller components that our body can use for energy, cell repair and growth. This lesson introduces students to the main parts of the digestive system and how they interact. In addition, students learn about some of the challenges astronauts face when trying to eat in outer space.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Authors: Abigail Watrous, Denali Lander, Janet Yowell, Malinda Schaefer Zarske, Sara Born

Simple Machines: The Rube Goldberg Way by Lindsey Sise

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Students will be given a task to complete such as popping a balloon. They will be required to create a simple machine with 5-7 moving parts, made from common household materials, to complete the task. Leading up to this project, students will have learned about simple machines and Rube Goldberg. This project will help students be able to explain how simple machines such as inclined planes, pulleys, levers and wheel and axels are used to create mechanical advantage and increase efficiency. (7.P.2.4) The team of students that creates the machine that completes the task in the most whimsical way will be awarded a certificate.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy