This lesson is from Tools for NC Teachers. In this lesson, students will use various subtraction strategies to develop the standard subtraction algorithm. This lesson is intended to extend over several days to help students gain a deeper understanding of the algorithm and make connections between computation methods. This is remixable.
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Grade 4
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JENNIFER CIANO on Nov 27, 12:50pm

I am a 4th grade math, science, and social studies teacher. I really like how this lesson comes with PowerPoint teacher slides! I also love that this lesson ties in geography! I love that within this resource there are clear examples and questioning prompts for various subtraction strategies.

* Alignment to the NC Math Standards: This resource has full alignment to the depth and breadth of the standard tagged.

* Evidence of Learning Outcome: This resource has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource.

*Evidence of Assessment Strategies: This resource has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standard.

*Strengths: (1) This resource exhibits exemplary focus as the identified standard is completely addressed (the subtraction portion of the standard) and is the sole focus of the resource. (2) This resource has exemplary evaluation criteria in that students are provided flexibility to demonstrate the targeted knowledge and skills of subtracting multi-digit numbers by using multiple strategies.

*Opportunities: (1) To further access the Engagement section and the Four C's....offer an additional set of problems (possible also about the elevation of mountains to keep the theme), ask pairs of students to each solve it then compare solutions to see if they used the same strategy or not. Then provide them with time to discuss and analyze their strategies to determine if they were both correct and why,



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