Next Steps

Consider the why, what, who, when & how of GoOpenNC, and determine what next step(s) you plan to take.

District: Watauga County Schools

Team: Ike Smith, Nancy Zeiss

Critical Path


Consider: Why is OER a value-add to our district and teams?  

Why will framing be an important component of successful engagement?


  • "Good price performer"
  • Fills the need for a go-to place for supplemental resources (if nothing else)
  • Creating opportunities for teacher leadership beyond the school and district levels

Action Items:

  • Ike takes this show on the road with CI Team, DLC Team, SLMC Team, AIG Team, and (eventually) DLT -- maybe presented by at least one DLC and at least one SLMC
  • Introductory PL -- beginning or end of summer 2019 -- plan with DLCs and SLMCs


Consider: Do I need to learn more about OER, OEP, and/or open licensing?

Would be helpful to me if I can spend more time learning about the features and functionality of the microsite?

In my district/school, we have created openly-licensed content that could be added to the microsite.  Do I need to consider the process for making this happen?


  • PLCs, grade level and/or area meetings could be the venue to engage in content curation / creation / contribution
  • Microsite seems easy to use, but we may not "know what we don't know" yet

Action Items:

  • Continue attending DPI trainings on the microsite
  • Share access information with DLCs and SLMCs and continue to explore
  • DLCs and SLMCs develop plan for PL on licensing, copyright, and Fair Use


Consider: I know there are OER champions already in my district/school. How can I best connect with them to discuss GoOpenNC?

How can I best determine other instructional leaders in my district/school who can join me as thought partners as we investigate OER/OEP?


  • DLCs and SLMCs are essential
  • Teacher leaders (e.g. TOYs) should also play a role in curating / contributing

Action Items:

Communicate with DLCs and SLMCs about the microsite; begin exploring the resource and planning PL as described above


Consider: When are there opportunities for teachers and instructional leaders to engage in professional learning related to OER?

When the district/school reviews and selects instructional materials, can we consider OER and how those materials can be utilized?


  • Summer 2019 PL (hopefully), plus integration into our Professional Learning Lounge offerings
  • We need a more consistent / standardized materials selection process and rubric -- the FI tool could serve this purpose, or at least be part of this process

Action Items:


Consider: I need to spend time considering how teachers in my district/school are currently selecting instructional materials, and what supports they need to effectively select high quality, standards aligned resources.

How can we best support teachers as they find, vet, use, and create OER.

Are there opportunities for teachers to curate and align OER to standards?


Action Items:

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