National Pi Day Math Activities         Name: ____________________________________Period______________Date_____________


Task 1: Measurement Activity:  As a group, measure the items using the same unit (inches or centimeters) and using calculators, find the given ratio and area.







1. Frisbee





2.  Plate





3.  Drinking Cup – Top





4.  Drinking Cup – Bottom





5.  Clock
















Task 2: Video Summary:  Identify 2 facts you think are important from the videos watched in class today.


Fact 1: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Fact 2: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Task 3:  Show what you know:  As a group, complete questions about circles on the accompanying worksheet.

Using, create a worksheet that will assess students content knowledge in solving for radius, diameter, and/or area of circles, using the following resources: ruler, calculator, pencil and paper, and using 3.14 for Pi.

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