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This handout is an instructional guide for teachers who want to set up a Flipgrid account.
Educational Technology
Upper Primary, Middle School, High School, Graduate / Professional
Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Angela Causby on Dec 09, 09:31am

*I am a SLMC and I love using flipgrid, so this is a great resource for those wishing to utilize it.
* No information literacy strategies are integrated.
*Collaboration could be added.
*This could be a great tool for PD when trying to explain Flipgrid. Flipgrid is an easy way to incorporate digital tools into a lesson.

CAROL MCFADDEN on Dec 08, 05:43pm

This is a directional resource for teachers to use in order to set up a FlipGrid account.
*No informational literacy strategies are integrated in subject matter
*Collaboration between SLMC and teacher could be added
*Flipgrid is a technology that students can use for organization as well as sharing.

AMANDA VERNON on Dec 08, 03:46pm

This resource is not a lesson but an explanation as to how to set up flip grid to use with your class.
If someone has not used flipgrid before this is a good resource to help them get started.
No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content.
Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added.
This resource could be used by a SLMC to introduce Flipgrid to a class for a teacher.

Tiffany Williams on Dec 06, 07:41pm

I have not personally used Flipgrid, but upper school students in my school use it in Technology class and they love it!

No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content

Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added

While this resource does not offer a particular lesson, this resource is a starting point for a great collaboration opportunity between a classroom Teacher and an SLMC as content meets information literacy skills.

There is a great opportunity for SLMCs to deliver PD for Teachers on how they can DIY Flipgrid in their lessons. There is a large opportunity for SLMCs to collaborate with Teachers incorporating Flipgrid into a fun, technology-filled lesson. This resource is easy to follow and can easily be used as a template for teachers to get started with Flipgrid.

BEVERLY LITKE on Dec 06, 04:14pm

I am a K-5 SLMC and I love Flipgrid!
* No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content since this is a PD resource.
* Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added with implementation of Flipgrid into lessons.
* Strengths: Great resource for PD session or as a stand-alone document for reference. Very clear directions with helpful illustrations. Flipgrid is a great way to allow students to use technology to present answers and opinions, and interact with peers.
*Opportunities: This could include suggested lesson ideas. Flipgrid can be used on the website, but the app must be downloaded to use on mobile devices. Could present issues for some districts/schools.

GABRIELLE LAMB on Dec 02, 05:41pm

When I taught middle school AIG we used Flipgrid all the time- students absolutely loved it. This guide is very user friendly for teachers new to using the site.
*No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content as it is more for teacher PD.
*Collaboration between SLMC & teacher can be added but is not present. Collaboration on the actual resource itself would be difficult since it's simply a user guide, but the SLMC could assist teachers with thinking of ways to use Flipgrid in the classroom.
*Strengths: Document is organized well, user friendly and would be easy to share with others in a mini PD.
*Opportunities: The grades listed for this go as low as 4th. I can say from experience, using Flipgrid with students that age can be done but will take a lot of practice and upfront teaching.

Stacy Hersey on Dec 02, 10:08am

*I love this resource! Super clear directions and easy to share with staff.

*No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content but could easily be adapted to fit any standards a teacher wanted by the posting of their topics.
*In depth collaboration between SLMC & teacher is achievable through completion of this resource. This can be used by the SLMC as professional development with the staff or in a PLC. SLMC can also offer to assist the teacher with the technical aspects of the lesson.
*Flipgrid allows for student choice by creating several topics for them to select from.
*Digital content is utilized because FlipGrid is a web platform.
FlipGrid is an excellent platform for student reflection.

HEATHER JOHNSON-MILLS on Dec 02, 10:02am

*Good instructions with visuals
*Elementary students would need guided practice and more teacher assistance
*This resource would be a good use for PBL in high school
*Not really a lesson plan so would need expanding in order to use it as such.



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