Next steps and support for Webinar #1 of the Curriculum Review Academy.
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ENA WOOD on Nov 30, 09:52pm

Very good webinar, showing a new way to provide PD through gamification!

JENNIFER KRESICKI on Nov 17, 04:14pm

I learned so much about copyright laws. I have to teach the children and teachers how to use it correctly in the classroom. The resources are very helpful when

Naomie Sasser on Nov 14, 07:34pm

Webinar 1: lots of info, convenience of home & many to collaborate/network with.

MELISSA HARNEY on Nov 04, 08:42am

What I liked most about webinar 1 was learning about the different types of licensing for intellectual property. It was helpful to know that some resources can actually be used other than public domain resources. I've always been nervous about using any resources I've used as a classroom teacher because I was afraid of the consequences like what happened in Texas. The webinar made it easy to sort through how the different resources can be used.
The one thing I had the most trouble with however, is where to locate the licensing for intellectual property found on the internet. .

VALERIE PERSON on Oct 27, 01:40pm

So very excited to be a part of this work which in the long run is a HUGE step toward making a high quality education equitable for ALL students in North Carolina.

Kimberly Busch on Oct 27, 08:36am

Thank you for the clear and thorough presentation of copyright and the role it has in this process!

ASHTON ALLGOOD on Oct 25, 10:15am

I learned so much about copyright laws and I'm excited to look at some of the resources offered on the platform and see how things evolve over time!

Meredith Stephens on Oct 24, 12:53pm

A great deal of complicated material was presented very clearly and efficiently. Thank you! I'm so excited to be a part of this new platform development project!

Kimberly Parker on Oct 24, 10:17am

I learned a lot from this webinar about copyright that I did not even consider. I enjoyed the relaxed environment with other professionals.

LINDSEY SISE on Oct 24, 07:17am

I am very excited about this platform. I was given a sneak peak during an ISTE meeting earlier this year! There are some really amazing resources. I cannot wait to see what everyone thinks and the great resources that we will be sharing with each other!


Yes! I'm so excited to see how resources are improved and used overtime!



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