This Google slide deck provides information about Creative Commons Licenses.
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TRENA COX on Dec 16, 03:59pm

*I am a Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist.
*This is a Google Slide deck that explains the anatomy of a Creative Commons License but it isn't tied to any set of standards.
*This would be helpful to share with the media specialists in my school system so that they could inform the teachers at their schools about Creative Commons licenses.
*A strength of this resources is that it gives a good overview of the different types of licenses that can be used.
*An area of growth for this resource would be to provide some real world scenarios of each of the licensing options.

AMANDA VERNON on Dec 08, 02:59pm

I am an elementary media specialist and I could use this resource for a PD with my staff.
No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content.
Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be added.
This resource can be used to drive discussion about creative common licensing.
This resource is not a lesson.

Tiffany Williams on Dec 07, 03:51pm

I absolutely love this resource for beginning of year PD as presented by the SLMC.

No information literacy strategies are integrated in subject content

Collaboration between SLMC & teachers can be expanded

Strengths: This presentation would be great for delivering to faculty/staff and as a presentation to students conducting research in a collaboration between any content area Teacher and the SLMC.

This resource provides a concise, yet information-filled, overview of Creative Commons Licenses for all age groups. The presentation could be tailored to your audience (i.e. more image-based for younger students, etc.)

Jennifer Parks on Dec 06, 10:05am

*I am a middle school librarian and would find this slide deck really useful in helping my teachers to understand the basics of Creative Commons.
*This resource informs the reader about Creative Commons but does not integrate it with a specific content area or learning activity.
*Collaboration with the school librarian could be expanded, or librarians could use this in a staff PD session.
*One strength of this resource is that it briefly summarizes the rather complicated topic of Creative Commons licenses. I also like that the author linked directly to the full text of each license for further explanation.
*An area for growth would be providing some ideas for activities to go along with this resource. It works well as a reference guide, but this slide show by itself would not prepare teachers or students to use CC licenses with confidence.

MAUREEN DAVIS on Dec 06, 09:53am

This assessment would be good to add to this presentation at the end of the slides for review: https://plato.algonquincollege.com/ac-Library/OER/license-matching-activity/story_html5.html

MELISSA GARWOOD on Dec 02, 11:58am

This is a Google Slide deck that can be used for professional development. *This resource tackles the meaning of creative commons licenses, but doesn't integrate it with any other content area. *The SLMC would play a major role in teaching this to colleagues. If this were taught to students in conjunction with a project, collaboration between the SLMC and teacher could be expanded. *One of the strengths of this resource is that creative commons is explained. Also, it is presented in a condensed slide deck -- only 13 slides. *An area of growth would be to incorporate this into a student project for greater understanding of creative commons.



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