Remix for ELA support Ecosystems HyperDoc (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1
NCES.5.L.2, NCES.5.L.2.2


This is a hyperDoc that covers Ecosystems. It takes several days to complete this and has links to several different assignments. The hyperDoc follows the 5E Lesson plan format. There are several videos to watch, vocabulary, drag and drops, partner work, and a final group project. Because this is a digital resource, the students will need to have access to a device. Teachers, you will also need to set up a Padlet and a Flipgrid prior to assigning this. Once you have them, you will need to link them on the appropriate slide. The second slide will remind you of this. This was created in Google Slides, but I had to download it as a Powerpoint in order to upload it. I would suggest using it in Google Slides.