This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for MaWD 1.02 Understand Graphic Design Layout Options Vocabulary.

Download the html file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

MARGIN GUIDES: The non-printing lines that indicate the space between the edge of the page and the document contents.
PROTOTYPE: Another name (also called a “comp” or “mockup”) an example of how the final document should appear; often used to show clients in the early stages of design
MASTER PAGE: Will includes items and formats common to every page; used to maintain layout consistency.
PAGE SIZE: Will varies according to publication or digital device.
GUTTER: The white space between columns.
GRID SYSTEM: The way of organizing content on a page, using any combination of margins, guides, rows and columns.
COLUMN GUIDES: The non-printing lines that control the flow of text within columns.
TEMPLATE: A standard pre-formatted layout which may contain a color scheme, font scheme, pictures, and preset margins
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