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This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for MaWD 2.02b Digital Vector Graphics Vocabulary.

Download the html file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

SMART GUIDES: guides that appear as you move around a document indicating various points of alignment with existing objects.
BOUNDING BOX: An outline around a selected vector object that can be used to transform the object.
SHAPE TOOL: Vector drawing tools that enable a user to draw common, closed-path shapes with ease and efficiency.
IMAGE TRACE: a tool in a vector program will take a raster image or scanned drawing and automatically convert it to paths, based on selected settings.
STACKING ORDER: the order of how objects are arranged on the artboard, in front of or behind each other.
DIRECT SELECTION TOOL: selects individual anchor points or paths in order to edit individual pieces of an object.
LINES: an open ended path with two anchor points, which included straight, beziers, and spirals.
OBJECTS: any shape, image, or text that can be moved, scaled, or edited.
STROKE: The visible outline of a path.
AREA TYPE: uses the boundaries of an area created by dragging a marquee with the type tool to control the flow of text
CORNER POINT: An anchor point along a vector path where the direction changes.
POINT TYPE: a line of text that begins at the point that you click, which expands as you type.
LINE SEGMENT: part of a line that has an anchor point on each end.
MINUS FRONT: subtracts the top shape from the bottom most shape.
CLIPPING MASK: A vector object used to hide portions of lower objects in a stack.
PEN TOOL: it uses anchor points and paths to allow you to create straight lines, Bezier lines (curved), and shapes in a countless amount of combinations.
ARTBOARD: the area of the illustration that contains the printable part of your work.
STROKES: the visible outline of a shape or path, such as the color, weight, or style, which is not the same as a path as a path can have no stroke as an option.
PATH: made up of one or more line segments, connected by two or more anchor points or nodes.
DRAWING: using shapes or other tools such as the pen or pencil to simulate the experience of drawing on paper.
EASILY EDITABLE: since each vector is made up of separate and distinct objects, each can be edited independently at any time.
TRANSFORMATIONS: scaling, rotation, shearing (skewing), and reflecting (flipping) objects to change their appearance.
META GRAPHIC: graphic formats that can contain both vector and raster data.
LINE TOOL: Draws open path line segments.
DIVIDE: separates the selected shapes in individual parts.
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