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This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for MaWD 4.02 Understand Concepts of Responsive Web Design Vocabulary.

Download the html file or the pdf file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

ABSOLUTE UNITS : A specific size
DEVICE PIXEL : The tiniest physical unit in a display; also known as a physical pixel.
FLUID LAYOUT : 1 em equals the current font size; in a Web browser it equals 16 px
VECTOR GRAPHICS : Type of graphic that does NOT lose quality when zoomed or resized.
FIXED-WIDTH LAYOUT : The width of the site is bound to a certain number of pixels
RELATIVE UNITS : Size is set in relation to surrounding elements
SCALABLE VECTOR GRAPHICS : (SVG) Defines vector-based graphics that can be embedded directly into a Web page; SVG is a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation.
RESOLUTION : A simple count of the number of pixels across the entire width and height of a device.
PIXELS PER INCH : (PPI) A measure of screen density refers to the number of device pixels on a physical surface.
RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN : Refers to using existing techniques involving flexible grid layout, flexible images, and media and media queries into a unified approach to web design.
REFERENCE PIXEL : A W3C standard based on an optical reference unit that might be twice the size of a hardware pixel. This new pixel should look exactly the same in all viewing situations.
PIXEL DENSITY : The number of device pixels on a physical surface; often measured in pixels per inch.
VIEWPORT : The rectangular area (measured in pixels) that is viewable on a device screen.
BITMAP PIXEL : The smallest unit of data in a raster image.
MEDIA QUERY : A CSS specification that allows designers to target styles based on a number of device properties
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