This resource is designed to support co-teachers as they are navigating their relationship in the classroom. The co-teaching relationship can become somewhat challenging if both partners are not transparent and open to compromise.
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William Stigler on Apr 08, 09:49am

Being in a two person department and co-teacher of several classes this document could of helped both of out tremendously during the school year. This document will help to improve the collaboration and communication within our department.

Tyler Wilson on Dec 07, 04:58pm

This resource is very valuable and not discussed enough. I am a fifth grade teacher and there are advantages and disadvantages with co-teaching. The advantages include having someone to collaborate with, more support in the classroom, and strategic planning. The disadvantages is finding time to collaborate to support planning and varying teaching styles (learning to teach together to best support students) . There is full alignment to the standard and the resources offer great examples on how to deal with situations. This can be a great place to for teachers to visit and reflect.

LEIGH GRAHAM on Dec 04, 11:31am

This is a topic that is rarely talked about but definitely needed. Co-teaching can be frustrating if not handled professionally. While the subject matter is good, I don't really see teachers trying the resources. I think with a little updating and some "fun" to it, they would be willing to give it a try.

LINDA BULLUCK on Dec 02, 08:49am

This is a valuable professional learning resource with extensive detail about how to navigate through potential co-teaching conflicts. Fully aligned to the standard listed, the resource offers concrete examples on how to deal with various situations, which can be helpful for coaching educators in a co-teaching model. The resource could be enhanced with the addition of a reflection exercise or activity.

CANDACE HAMILTON on Nov 30, 03:01pm

This resource is a valuable one in terms of having an effective conversation with and designing a plan that could work with both teachers. I am a 25-year veteran teacher and still find it difficult at times to help my co-teacher integrate into the classroom more fully than just helping her students. There is full alignment to the standard indicated. There is not an assessment opportunity; I would suggest a checklist of some type to determine if the plan's objectives are being met. Definitely an element of teacher reflection and perhaps a way for teachers to decide how often they might choose to revisit the plan and make revisions.

Tara Moyer on Nov 23, 02:50pm

I am an ESL teacher and I really appreciated this resource as it takes the time to develop the SEL competencies of teachers.Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s) NC.PTS.2.e.Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource.No assessment strategies have been indicated in the resource, so users should plan to add some type of assessment. I like that this resource encourages teacher reflection and in turn allows best practices to emerge in terms of sequencing of lesson and collaboration. An opportunity would be designing a way to assess through maybe a rubric how teachers are doing with these ideas.



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