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This task provides opportunities for students to evaluate, analyze, and compare mathematical expressions. This task is remixable by adding student work, or you can upload another task aligned to this Standard.
Upper Primary
Grade 5
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Activity/Lab, Formative Assessment
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JEANNETTE PARRISH on Dec 05, 10:52am

I am a fifth grade teacher working with an EC inclusion class. I really enjoyed this lesson encouraging students to use their brain to think through a process and learn through their collaboration. *This lesson show partial alignment to OA.2 covering the evaluative component involving the four operations and order of operations. *It has a clear learning objective that is discernible through completion of this lesson. * This assessment provides partial assessment strategies that when used in other activities or tasks should provide adequate data regarding measurement of the students' abilities. * The strengths include allowing for cooperative learning through turn and talk as well as writing in Math. * Opportunities - none.

LOUISE SALERNO on Nov 23, 06:24pm

*I am a 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade math teacher. I really enjoyed that this lesson encourages students to use reason to solve problems using order of operations and to share their reasoning and collaborate with other students.
*This resource is a lesson plan partial aligned to standard NC.5.OA.2 by covering only the “evaluate numerical expressions involving the four operations to solve up to two-step problems. Include expressions involving parentheses, using the order of operations.” This lesson should be considered as part of a unit that would address writing and explaining numerical expressions and understanding the commutative, associative and distributive properties.
*Learning objectives for this lesson would benefit from being clarified in order to specifically address what students should be able to do, what to do if those objectives are not met and provide suggestions for extensions.
*This lesson provides some assessment strategies that will measure student progress of evaluating numerical expressions but needs additional formative and summative strategies.
*This resource is focused and engaging, allowing for students to critique the reasoning of others.
*This resource would benefit from including more detail such as lesson vocabulary, learning targets, and opportunities for personalization.



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