Enhancing Your Communication Mentor/BT presentation

The outcome of this presentation is to enhance teacher communication skills with students, families, and colleagues; thus increasing student achievement.

Included in the PowerPoint are:

* Slides on question types (clarifying versus probing)

Clarifying and probing questions
Screen_Shot_2019-11-23_at_4.57.24_PM.pngClarifying and probing questions

Clarifying and probing questions

* A link to a Communication Self-Assessment (embedded on slide #11)

* Slides on 4 Main Interpersonal Skills

4 interpersonal skills
Screen_Shot_2019-11-23_at_4.56.52_PM.png4 interpersonal skills

4 interpersonal skills

Download: Enhancing_Your_Communication_Mentor_BT_Presentation.pptx

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