Included is a link that will allow you to "Make a Copy" of a Google Form that can be used to give feedback to Teachers after a Walk-Through is completed.
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Tyler Wilson on Dec 07, 05:22pm

I am a second year elementary teacher. This resource will support facilitators, mentors, and principals when new and inexperienced teachers come to their school.

Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged

The link did not work for me at first

Strengths: Reflection piece, provides feedback to the teacher and the class that was observed

Opportunities: Places to comment and leave feedback, can help teachers understand the standards

RAE THOMPSON on Dec 02, 10:42am

1. This is a Data Collection tool that assists beginning teachers in reflecting on their instructional practices.
2. This resource is fully aligned to Standard 5, element a.
3. The observation tool is clearly aligned with the NC Professional Teaching Standards. The link to the tool did not work properly for me but I was able to pull it eventually.
4. Strengths: This tool is very focused on instructional practices that lead to teacher skill development. Because it is a Google Form, it is easily remixable to focus on LEA specific initiatives. It is also easy for mentors and coaches to use.
5. Opportunities: There is a place for open comments at the end of the form. Could that be split into separate sections for strengths, items to consider further and potential resources? This would provide clarity for the BT as well as push the mentor to provide more direct feedback.

NORMA BOONE on Nov 26, 02:12pm

I am the Executive Director for Teacher Induction in my District. This information will be an excellent tool for lead mentors and principals when new teachers come to their schools.

*Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged

*This resource is clearly aligned with content and /or standards. It is a well designed resource to assist mentors/coaches in serving beginning teachers.

*Strengths: Provides feedback to the teacher regarding the class observed.
It is in a format that is easily shared with the teacher immediately.

*Opportunities: Look at the possibilities of showing which of the five standards each area is aligned with to help the new teacher in understanding the standards.



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