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A template to be used for mentor responsibilities throughout a calendar year.
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DaQuita Pounds on Mar 12, 12:29pm

I am a Beginning Teacher Support Coordinator. I really enjoyed seeing the alignment and the options for each month.

Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged.

This resource is clearly aligned with content and /or standards. It is a well designed resource to assist mentors/coaches in serving beginning teachers.

The strengths of this resource include the possibility of options for each month. This allows the mentors to tailor their support for the BTs. The second strength is that the options for each month build appropriately throughout the year.

The author may want to consider implementing an area for the mentors to collect evidence.

NORMA BOONE on Nov 26, 03:43pm

I am the Executive Director for Teacher Induction in my District. This information will be an excellent tool for lead mentors and principals when new teachers come to their schools.

*Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard(s)/element(s) tagged

*This resource is clearly aligned with content and/or standards. It models effective practices and provides opportunities for the coach or mentor to support the beginning teacher.

*Strengths: Monthly mentor tasks with standard alignment
Incorporates some knowledge of the Phases of First Year Teachers, ex. anticipation, survival, disillusionment, etc.

*Opportunities: Combining activities that will be beneficial to all BTs separate from individual sessions with the BT and mentor. This will ensure school-wide expectations are shared in the same way with the same information.



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