Hometown Heritage is a high school level, school-wide, cross-curricular PBL project originally designed and conducted at Tri-County Early College High School in the spring of 2018. The project's primary goal is to allow students to develop, refine, and present a product that addresses the following driving question: "How can we inspire young people to value our local heritage by telling our community’s stories in creative and meaningful ways?" Modeled after the "Foxfire" series, this project asked students to become apprentice level experts on a topic they cared about that was specific to the fabric of our local community, including working directly with an outside mentor to develop this expertise. Moreover, the students were expected to make strong connections and applications to their academic and 21st Century Skill competencies.
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Jessica Minto on Dec 08, 03:48pm

I am a high school social studies teacher, and this is a great PBL that can be used in a classroom. It has full breadth and depth to the standards-aligned, it could also include historical thinking skills and align within many of the social studies disciplinary standards. This project has clear learning objectives that are achievable through the completion of this resource. The assessments strategies used to measure student progress are easy to understand and are linked to the project website. This is a great resource that allows students to get involved with their community at large.

ASHLEY GRANT on Dec 04, 09:34am

This is an excellent and high quality PBL that would be a great addition to any ELA or Social Studies class. As a Social Studies teacher, I like that this project allows students to concentrate on local/state history. This resource is fully aligned with the standards listed and has clear objectives, tasks, and assessment. It offers excellent opportunities for students to collaborate with each other and with community figures and to reflect on their work. I would like to see more Social Studies standards attached to this project.

Also, the link to the actual project web page needs to be included in the resource.



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