This is a high school level, school-wide, interdisciplinary PBL project that allows students to increase their depth of knowledge of academic and 21st Century Skills by designing, building, and refining a product or service that will help people better prepare for, respond to, or recover from natural disasters. It was done at Tri-County Early College in 2018.
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Jessica Minto on Dec 08, 03:38pm

This is a great resource for high school teachers looking to work with their colleagues across their curriculums. This resource is partially aligned with ELA standards but does not have Social Studies standards, which is what I teach. If I were to use this resource, I would need to make sure that I am able to align the project with the NC standards in a history class. This project has clear objectives that are achievable with the milestones and assignments throughout the timeline. The assessment strategies will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the standards given, but as stated earlier, standards for a social studies class are missing, and will need to be added. This allows for student engagement with authentic critical thinking skills and intellectual challenges.

ASHLEY GRANT on Dec 02, 09:22pm

This is an excellent cross curricular resource that can incorporate the four core classes on different levels.

While the resource is aligned to the ELA standard, it is lacking standards in Math, Science, and Social Studies as well as elective classes such as CTE. This resources gives has clear learning objectives that can be achieved by completing this resource and has a clear, sufficient assessment strategies that can measure student progress. However, with so few standards identified, it is difficult to assess whether the resource can achieve mastery of a specific standard.

This resource is aligned with many aspects of High Quality PBL criteria. It allows students to be intellectually challenged and create an public product while requiring high levels of collaboration. Students are required to reach out into the community through the use of mentors and are given free reign to create an authentic solution.

Julie South on Nov 30, 08:15am

*I like the concept of creating a solution to a real world problem of natural disasters.
*There could be more standards that are aligned to this project but without knowing the type of math or science the students could be using it is hard to label the correct standards.
*There are clear learning objectives that can be completed through this resource.
*Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress.
*This resource does lend itself for students to show case their work outside of school to the public.
*This resource gives students lots of choice and decision making.
*This resource has the potential to cover many different standards across many different subject matters but it is lacking guidance in math or science standards.



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