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The Whimsy Project is high school level, school-wide, cross-curricular PBL project that allows students to maximize their creative thinking and problem solving skills as they connect academic content to real-world applications, in a fun and whimsical way (per the book by Tony Wagner, "Creating innovators"). It was done in the fall of 2017 at Tri-County Early College as a relatively low stakes way to introduce students - especially incoming freshmen - to the basics of PBL.
Applied Science, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages
High School
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Jessica Minto on Dec 08, 03:32pm

As a HS history teacher, I really appreciated the connection of historical thinking skills with other content areas. This resource is fully aligned to depth and breadth of the standards tagged. It has clear learning objectives throughout the project. It contains clearn and sufficient assessment strategies that will measure student projects and mastery of the specified standards. This resources is definitely aligned with High Quality PBL criteria, and it able to be used within many content areas which make this intellectually challenging for students, especially those new to PBL.

ERICA COVINGTON on Dec 08, 09:48am

*As a ELA teacher, I appreciate how language and the narrative is emphasized. Students can show their strengths is a variety of subjects with all three projects that were included.
*Full alignment to the depth and breadth of the standard tagged.
*Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through the projects.
*Has clear assessment strategies that will measure student progress and mastery though content-area teachers may want to add more formative assessment specific to their subject. Content teachers will have to really work together to ensure that students are on the right track through each phase of the project.
*All three projects are aligned with high quality PBL criteria, but the collaboration between the subject is what make this resource stand out.
*Strengths: the detailed expectations for each content area and how they all over lap make it almost impossible to neglect one without neglecting the other; these projects allow for students to be inventive and creative but also logical.
*Opportunities: there aren't any opportunities that I can suggest though with a project of this magnitude there are so many pitfalls if all parties are not invested.

ASHLEY GRANT on Dec 05, 10:09pm

This project is fully aligned with the standard presented. I appreciate the level of authenticity this project offers to students as they are able to choose a topic and format that speaks to them the most. The objectives and assessment for each project are clearly defined. This project allows students opportunities to reflect, correct, and present their work. This is a high quality PBL that is a great cross curricular project. I would suggest adding more standards to reflect the cross curricular nature of the project.

Julie South on Nov 30, 06:38am

*I like that this PBL ties into many different subject areas.
*In order to see what standards this PBl aligns to access has to be requested.
*There is a question that is proposed at the beginning of the PBL but without access to the standards I do not know if it aligns.
*There are clear assessment strategies within this PBL.
*There is many opportunities for students to make their own decisions and to create what comes to their mind without going outside the guidelines.
*This resources has strong levels of authenticity.
*This resource many want to allow more access to teacher instead of having to request it.



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