The Racing Project

The Racing Project  is high school level, school-wide, cross-curricular PBL project done at Tri-County Early College HS and was centered around the question: How can we innovate vehicle design solutions to win a race? 

With that question in mind, there were four different buckets containing different ideas for car designs: gravity games, combustion, electric, and human powered vehicles. Within each of these buckets the PBL groups (with help from an outside mentor) were to design a car to win a race to the best of their abilities using the power source bucket they were in. In addition to the engineering challenge intrinsic to this project, students were also running marketing and promotion plans that mimic what a real race team would do, including combining their innovative designs and clever marketing tactics to recruit sponsors for their teams. The project culminated in a race at Tri-County Race Track in Brasstown, NC in April, 2019. 

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