Beginning Teacher Brainstorm

Beginning Teacher Brainstorm

What Will You Do When... .?

For each of the following, design a procedure that enables students to develop regular classroom routines. Be sure to complete all items listed as these are normal classroom activities.

1.      Before the bell has rung.

a.       What are your nonnegotiables?

b.      Where are they posted?

c.       What are your classroom rules? How will students know about consequences if your rules are broken?

d.      Is your room set up in a way that is inviting and encourages learning?

e.       Are your materials laid out, organized, and easy to access during instruction?

2.      The bell has rung.

a.       How will students know where to sit?

b.      Do you want to utilize technology?

c.       What are students supposed to do?

d.      How do you want to establish the lesson norms? 

3.      The class has begun.

a.       How will the students be integrated into classroom procedures?

b.      How will students ask for help or answer a question?

c.       How will students know how to navigate the room.?

d.      When will students be able to use the restroom?

e.       How will you distribute worksheets or other handouts?

f.        How will students hand in their papers?

g.       What will students do if they need paper/pencil/etc.?

4.      The class is ending.

a.       What if a student finishes an assignment early?

b.      How will you announce the homework?

c.       What are students to do immediately before class ends?

d.      What will do you do for students who were absent today?

e.       How will you reflect on the events of the day?

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