National Pi Day remix

National Pi Day Math Activities         Name: ____________________________________Period______________Date_____________

Materials Needed: Calculators, fabric tape measures


Task 1: Measurement Activity:  As a group, measure the items using the same unit (inches or centimeters) and using calculators, find the given ratio and area.  Students will need fabric tape measures to complete the measuring part, after which they get the calculators to determine the area.







1. Frisbee





2.  Plate





3.  Drinking Cup – Top





4.  Drinking Cup – Bottom





5.  Clock





6. Compact disc










Task 2: Video Summary:  Identify 2 facts you think are important from the videos watched in class today.


Fact 1: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Fact 2: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Task 3:  Show what you know:  As a group, complete questions about circles on the accompanying worksheet.

Using, create a worksheet that will assess students content knowledge in solving for radius, diameter, and/or area of circles, using the following resources: ruler, calculator, pencil and paper, and using 3.14 for Pi.

Within the worksheet, students will be asked to provide 3 examples of how Pi could be useful today.

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