US Environment History Webquest for High School

US WebQuest

Country Facts

  1. What year was the Declaration of Independence issued? Who wrote it (for the most part)?
  2. What was the most populated city in the United States following the American Revolution?
  3. The most populated city in the US is? What are the demographics of that city? (find as many categories as you can)
  4. Which states were the first and last to approve/ratify the U.S. Constitution?  When did each state do this?
  5. Which state has been its own independent nation?
  6. The tallest mountain is located in what state?
  7. Find a primary source about the history of North Carolina (you pick the topic). Cite the source using APA Format.


Search on your own

  1. Who is our President? In your opinion, other than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who has been the most influential President in US History? Why?
  2. Who is our Vice- President? How many Vice Presidents later became Presidents?
  3. What gentleman served 4 terms as president?
  4. What gentlemen in 1948 went to be as president only to wake up the next morning and not be president?
  5. What is our National bird? How did it become the National bird?  What almost became our National bird?
  6. What language was the second-most spoken in the United States during the Revolutionary War?
  7. What city in Pennsylvania served as the U.S. capital for 1 day?
  8. Where does the legislative branch of the United States meet? What do they do there?


Explore the US

(use the side tabs to look for answers)

  1. What is the largest and smallest states?
  2. What Continent is the US located on?
  3. Pick 2 states (not NC) and tell 4 things you learned about the states.
  4. What colors are found on the North Carolina flag?  What colors are found on the United States flag?
  5. What do the colors on each flag stand for?
  6. What do the 13 stripes stand for?
  7. What do the 50 stars stand for?
  8. Who made the first flag?

Find 3 places in the US that you would like to visit and give me 2 reasons why you would like to visit there. (Place, location and why)

Fun Facts

Tell me 8 fun facts that you find you like from this page. 

**If you finish, check out this site Fact Monster and see what else you can learn about the US.

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