Cornelius Vanderbilt-Captain of Industry or Robber Baron

Introduction to Cornelius Vanderbilt, Captain of Industry and/or Robber Baron

Optional self-guided activity with device or whole group video clips and questions

Options to add collaboration:

This lesson could be broken down into a JIGSAW activity where students are placed in home teams. 

  1. Each member of the home team would be given an expert portion of the lesson to complete based on the headings.
  2. Members meet with their expert groups to view their videos and complete the questions for that portion. 
  3. Students return to their home teams to present their particular portions to their home groups.
  4. The 3-2-1 pyramid then can be completed collaboratively.

Partner research

Students can be partnered or grouped so that students are heterogeneously or homogeneously grouped based on the needs of the students. 

Students present their 3-2-1 findings in groups to their peers or on a flip grid if teaching remotely.  

Download: Cornelius_Vanderbilt.pdf

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