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Lexington City Schools

1) Engaging with Resources - The WHAT:

#GoOpenNC has three main opportunities to interact with the resources on the platform.

Level of Engagement

What would be your vision for WHAT your educators would do in the next 6 months?

What would be your vision for WHAT your educators would do in the next 18 months?

Find/Use Existing Resources

*Introduced to OER by attending a interactive PD (Grade Level Chairs/Department Chairs)
*Grade Level/Department Chairs will train colleagues
*Utilizing and Implementing OER within Lessons and Lesson Plans

Collect/Curate Resources and Collections

*Explore and Begin Building Curriculum Files, specific to grade level or content area*Continue to collect resources to add to content and/or grade level files
*Add link to Pacing Guide and Grade Level Resources
*Remix previous resources to fit the needs of your current students

Create/Upload Resources

*Upload Lesson and/or resources that are effective and would benefit others within the district*Create original effective lesson plans/resources that are standard- based
*Collaborate with team members to create original effective lesson plans/resources

2) Engaging with Platform - The HOW:

#GoOpenNC has three main ways to participate on the platform

#GoOpenNC Initiative

What would be your vision for HOW your educators would participate on the platform in the next 6 months?

What would be your vision for HOW your educators would participate on the platform in the next 18 months?

Share/Evaluate Resources

*Grade Level Chairs/Department Heads will share resources with their team members

*Implementation through sharing across the district
*Evaluate lesson plans/resources across the district
*Reflect on lesson plans/resources to ensure that higher-order thinking skills are embedded within the lesson

Participate in Professional Learning locally or statewide

*OER Team will train other Media Coordinators within the district
*OER Team will present at EdFest (introductory session)
*OER Team will work with Grade Level Chairs/Department Heads to provide interactive training 

*Follow-up sessions with teachers (What lessons did you find most effective? Why? What are some areas that could use improvement within Go Open NC? What are some lesson/resources that you have remixed? How was the process when you remixed a lesson?)
*Earning CEU's for Utilizing  and Uploading lesson/resources to Go Open NC

Network and Collaborate with Other NC Educators

3) Engaging the Educators - The WHO:

#GoOpenNC has opportunities for all educators to being engaging. Consider who would be your main early engagers in the next 6 months.

Group description

# of educators

Main purpose

(Use, curate collections, evaluate or create)

Support needed

Teachers of the Year

35 - one from each school in our district

To create:

upload 3 of their most effective lessons into a TOY hub, comment on their peers’ lessons

Training on OER and licensing, structured discussion on high quality materials, scaffolded due dates for uploads

4) Building the Community - The WHEN

As #GoOpenNC plans to be teacher-facing by August, what would be your plans for engaging your desired educators in doing the WHAT and the HOW?

The Who

The What

The How

The When

The Logistics


Create Resources

Using a Hub

By December

TOYs will be invited to participate, join a group that includes monthly discussion with the upload happening in December

5) Building the Community - Statewide support and connections

NCDPI and ISKME can provide support for the ways you are planning to Build the #GoOpenNC Community within your area.

To help #GoOpenNC build a statewide community, please make your requests for support and engagement through this Google Form.

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