T4T Taking a Closer Look at Shapes Around Us

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1.      Review names of the different shapes with the students.  Hold up the objects and have students identify the different shapes that they see in them.

2.      Tell students that shapes exist everywhere in our world.

3.      Read the book Shapes aloud to the students.  As the book is being read, be sure to point out and discuss the shapes in the photos for those students who can not immediately see the shapes.

4.      After reading the book, ask students to look around the room and identify the shapes that they see in the room.  Examples:  bulletin boards, windows, door opening- rectangles; clock, tables – circles; globe, balls – spheres.

5.      Take students on a short “Shape Walk” around the school.  As they walk, have them to talk to a partner and see how many shapes they can identify. 

6.      When returning back to the classroom, gather students together on the floor and have them share their findings.  Write their responses on the poster paper.

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