T4T Who Has More Markers?

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Task excerpt:


Number and Operations in Base Ten


Understanding place value.


NC.1.NBT.3 Compare two two-digit numbers based on the value of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >,=,<.


SF, unifix cubes or connecting cubes, pencil


Provide materials to the student.  Read the problem to the student:  Katherine has 23 markers.  Matthew has 32 markers.  Compare their numbers of markers using pictures and/or words.

Circle who has more markers?      Katherine        OR          Matthew

Explain how you know.



Continuum of Understanding

Not Yet Proficient

Response includes 0-1 of the descriptors in “Meets Expectations”

Strategies Used:

q  Represented both numbers with cubes or pictures

q  Represented both numbers with words

q  Correctly compared the numbers

q  Used a number line to compare.

q  Other:



Response includes 2-3 of the descriptors in “Meets Expectations”

Meets Expectations

Response includes all of the descriptors in “Meets Expectations”

  • Accurately represents the number 23   

  • Accurately represents the number 32

  • Correctly circles who has more:  Matthew

  • Clearly explains why 32 is more by referencing the amounts of tens in each number

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