T4T Gr 5 C2 Task- Partner Prisms

This task is from Tools 4 NC Teachers. Students build a rectangular prism with cubes then trade with their partner and find the volume of their partner's prism. This is remixable.

Download: partner-prisms-md5.docx

Task Preview

Use cubes to build 2 right rectangular prisms that have different lengths and widths (with dimensions that are lesson than 10 units). Connect your 2 prisms by stacking them on top of each other to make a new figure.

Calculate the volume of your new figure and write an equation to match your figure.

 Trade figures with a partner.  What is the volume of your partner’s figure? Write an equation to match your figure.

 Write a sentence to explain how you found the volume of your figure. 

Possible prompt: How does knowing how to find the volume of the smaller right rectangular prism help you find the volume of these figures?  

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