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In teaching Occupation Preparation, I encountered the following:  How to assist students in learning about careers and professions that I may know very little about?  And how to turn this issue into a projectr that would be engaging for the students? The Solution was simpler than I thought.  Have the students as a group research a career or profession each week, chosen from a list I created, and have a member of that profession vist the classroom to be interviewed by the students..On Monday and Tuesday, students, as a group and facilitated by myself, would discuss exising knowledge of a particular profession.  They would also develop questions to guide their research, or ask a member of that profession.On Wednesday and Thursday, students woudl research the profession, both individually and as a group (using employment websites).On Friday (or Thursdday if it was a short week), a member of that profession would meet with the studnets and discuss skills, training, etc needed in the profession.  Students would, in their graphic organizers, summarrize skills, training, etc needed for the profession and identify their level of interest in the profession.A copy of both the graphic organize and a list of campus professions is attached

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Nathan Rutko
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