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  • NCES.CTE.2018.IV22.02.00 - Understand Engineering Design Concepts and Principles to Solve Problem...
Build a Dice Tower
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Students will start by brainstorming ideas for their tower by looking at actual examples for inspiration. Next, they design their tower on paper or by using digital tools. Another part of this process is to locate materials. Next, they will build the dice tower according to their design and test it. Finally, students redesign the tower as needed, either to fix malfunctions or to improve the existing function and aesthetics. This project is meant to be done over several class periods, potentially as a major project or even the final assignment for a design elective. It contains the entire design cycle, and numerous opportunities for students to report on their project to the teacher or their classmates in whatever way the instructor thinks best. Therefore students have many opportunities to demonstrate their learning in both formative and summative assessments

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Carrie Robledo
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