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This assignment will allow students to dig deeper into a theme/lens of American History 2.  This can be adapted to work with any time period or extended to last the entire semester to see change over time.  Students will incorporate research and writing, technology, and even art.  Students will research the time period through one of the following lenses: Conflict/War, Technology, Government and Policy, American Dream, American Identity.  For use with other units or time periods you could include Business and Economy.Students will create a webpage on a Google Site created by the teacher.  Students must include on their page a summary of their topic, a timeline, a student created video, and a student created visual.
American History, The Cold War, Turning Points in American History, Twentieth Century Civil Liberties/Rights, World History
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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KRISTI MILLER on Dec 09, 01:17pm

This is a lesson plan that is ready to implement into the classroom immediately, it fully is aligned to each standard(s) tagged. The author has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource. There is a rubric that measures the mastery of the standards but needs more formative and summative strategies. There are a few areas in which lead this to a PBL such as the students making a public product and the collaboration needed to create the Google website. The area in which needs to be strengthened is the intellectual challenge because the students aren't able to investigate challenging problems because the lesson is too directive.



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