Martha Levey, Toni Luther
English Language Arts
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Lesson Plan
Lower Primary
  • Cinderella Fairy Tales
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    Cinderella on the Green Screen!

    Cinderella on the Green Screen!


    This is a multi-day unit on Cinderella and the many versions of the fairy tale. Students will listen to four versions of Cinderella and then compare/contrast two. Then students will design a background, decorate a puppet and use a script to create a green screen video summarizing one of the versions shared. There is also a rubric and assessment component.

    Sharing Cinderella

    To begin, share different versions of Cinderella. We shared "The Egyptian Cinderella," "Adelita," "Cinderella," and "Rough-Face Girl." There are many versions available. After sharing them, we chose two to compare/contrast using a double-bubble map. For some classes we completed the double-bubble map whole group. For other classes, we had students work with a partner to complete a resource page and then gather whole group to complete the map.

    Some suggestions that might help since some of our students had trouble with comparing. We encouraged students to consider how the stories were different - ex. Adelita is set in Mexico and Rough-Face Girl is set in North America. Many wanted to say - Adelita is set in Mexico and Rough-Face Girl is not.

    I have included read-alouds for students who will need to hear the story multiple times.

    Cinderella by Marcia Brown -

    The Egyptian Cinderella -

    Adelita -

    Rough-Face Girl -


    Time to be creative!

    We divided the class into four groups. For most classes, they were given the opportunity to choose which Cinderella story they wanted to dramatize. Students worked on a background (to save time, I drew it lightly in pencil on bulletin board paper) and decorated puppets for the video. We used die-cuts for this.

    Practice, practice, practice!

    Students practiced their roles on the scripts for the reader's theater as well as practiced how to manipulate their puppet in front of the green screen. Some students preferred not to read so they were encouraged to manipulate more than one puppet.

    Lights, camera, action!

    We recorded the videos using an ipad camera and took photographs of their backgrounds. We created a green screen video using the DoInk app. iMovie and Canva for educators are free options. We shared the completed videos with the students. 


    For the assessment of the unit, we used a rubric. We also read "Cinders" by Jan Brett and had students compare/contrast that book with the original Cinderella version that was shared. We used a simple graphic organizer that students could use to digitally compare/contrast. Students who were reluctant to write could use Flip to record their answers.