Christopher Smith
American History
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Assessment, Formative Assessment, Self Assessment, Vocabulary
Upper Primary, Middle School, High School
  • 1400s
  • Age of Exploration
  • American History 1
  • NCVirtual
  • OCS American History 1
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    American History 1- Age of Exploration Matching Game

    American History 1- Age of Exploration Matching Game


    This matching activity was designed to help students review exploration during the 1400s.

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    About the Activity

    This drag-and-drop matching activity was designed to help students review important leaders and countries that were involved in exploration during the 1400s. The activity is meant to help students review concepts related to the Age of Exploration. Students are supposed to drag the terms, countries, or people on the blue cards on the left, over to the gray cards on the right to answer each of the questions provided. The activity is designed to award students points for each correct match. Once students believe they have dropped all the answers on the correct questions, they are directed to click the Submit button in the lower right corner to review their responses and view their overall score. A link to a tutorial document is provided on the results slide to help students take a screenshot of their results so they can be submitted to a teacher. 

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    All the question cards and the answer cards have been properly labeled with plain text, so they should be able to be read by screen-reading technology. However, drag and drop activities may be more difficult for students with visual impairments to complete. If you have a student with a visual impairment, you can either partner that student with another student, have the student work with an assistant, or create an alternative assignment. 

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