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Directions for 30 item Curricular Review

Directions for 30 item Curricular Review


This resource will support the 30 item Curricular Review Process. 

Directions for 30 item Curricular Review

Please use these resources to help you get started on your 30 item Curricular Review.

A screenshare video of the steps below can be found HERE.

The Google Doc version of the below list is HERE.


We are so very excited to have your professional expertise populate the platform. We do ask that you remember that the platform and the curricular review experience is a dress rehearsal. Please keep grace on your mind as we explore what this process looks like. With 200 educators in the Academy, it may take a little while to troubleshoot any problems you encounter. Please email with concerns that arise. We will be flexible with your review timeline, and we ask that you be flexible with this process. 


Directions for 30 Item Curricular Review 


  1. Complete the Check-In Form to signal that you are ready to begin the Review Process. Please complete this form by Friday August 9th.


  1. Upon Completion of the Form and our review, you will be sent a link to an unpublished Group within 24 hours. 

  2. Once in those groups, begin your Curriculum Review using these EXACT steps.

    1. Go to your chosen group and open the Folder marked “Unaligned Resources.” YOU MUST START HERE every time.

    2. Open a resource from the “Unaligned Resources” folder  and copy/paste that link into this Spreadsheet.

    3. Click on the resource to view the entire resource.

    4. Give the resource an alignment to a standard.

    5. Complete your curricular review using the Curriculum Review Rubric. (Remember to use best practices in starting your feedback, include all 5 points of review, and consider giving a star rating.)

    6. Save the resource to the folder “Aligned Resources” within your group.

    7. Delete the resource from the folder “Unaligned Resources”. **The resource is NOT deleted from the platform, nor from the group… just from the “unaligned folder” so that others do not review it.

Upon completion of your 30 resources, please email Please complete your 30 items by Friday August 16th. If you need additional time, please email Joanna by Wednesday August 14th.  Please note, gift cards will be mailed out by Friday August 30th.