Danielle Flores
Math 1
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Lesson Plan
Middle School, High School
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Education Standards

Perimeter in the Coordinate Plane


Distance Formula in the Coordinate Plane

Empty Intersection

In this lesson, students will be able to take notes on finding perimeter in the coordinate plane by a Prezi.  Then, complete a Gallery Walk and an assessment question. 

Distance Formula

Standard Addressed:  NC.M1.G-GPE.4

Learning Targets:

  • Students will be able to use the distance formula to find the perimeter of a figure in the coordinate plane.

Materials needed:

Prezi, paper, pencil, calculator, chart graph paper, markers. handouts, computer/chromebook

Teacher Directions:

Distribute (or display) the perimeter question to students.  Display the Prezi and teacher should instruct on how to find the perimeter of a figure.

        Note: Another option is to push out the Prezi to students and allow them to complete the problem by following the steps displayed in the Prezi.

Direct link to prezi:

After going over this problem. Place students in groups of two- four. Distribute or display the Distance Formula activity directions. This activity is a Gallery Walk activity.

After students have time to complete the problems, they will go over their problem with the class.

Once the activity is over, distribute (or display)  the distance formula assessment question to the class.  Students can complete the problem on paper or teachers could use a google form to input their answers.