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In this lesson, students will use an acronym to recall the coordinating conjunctions and practice their use in order to master this technique in their writing. Students will also practice writing compound sentences.
Language, Grammar and Vocabulary
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Larry Ransom on Mar 23, 02:02pm

I am a 12th grade English teacher and appreciate this resource for offering a variety of learning modes to engage students with sentence combining. That said, this resource should be considered partially aligned to the L.1 standard and could be used as part of a unit that addresses this standard and/or sentence combining more specifically.

This resource has a clear learning objective that is achievable through completion of this resource, but the assessments (pair sentences, quiz) should be considered formative only. To demonstrate mastery of sentence combining, students would need to more clearly show that they understand the differences/nuances between conjunctions through additional assessments. Overall, I like the collaborative element of this resource in which the class constructs sentences using a shared Google doc through which the teacher could further students’ understanding and correct misconceptions.

Ashley Holloman on Oct 30, 08:43pm

1) Partial alignment; good start with grammar with usage of FANBOYS.
2) Errors should be corrected prior to usage in classroom.
3) Differentiated activities for EC students in class to promote mastery. ( I really like Task 2 for this- keep them moving!)

Meredith Stephens on Oct 28, 12:38pm

1. Partial alignment by covering only one aspect of one of the eight parts of speech and should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard
2. Has a clear learning objective that is achievable through the completion of this resource.
3. Has some assessment strategies that will measure student progress of the specified standard but needs additional summative strategies
4. The Quizlet flashcard tool used to introduce how FANBOYS can work in compound sentences is a great way to help students stay engaged. I also appreciated the Task 2 activity that allows students to move around a bit and collaborate with a partner.
5. This resource could be stronger if it included instruction and activities that covered the additional uses for coordinating conjunctions: compound subjects, compound verbs, compound direct objects, compound adjectives, compound adverbs, and compound prepositional phrases. Also, the Task 1 activity and formative assessment could be strengthened if typo and usage errors were corrected.


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