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Lesson Plan
Upper Primary
4, 5
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Lakeshore Learning's STEM Challenge Kit Grades 4-5


Please note this resource has been aligned to science standards as NC does not currently have a SCOS for K-5 STEM.

STEM Challenge

This lesson plan utilizes Lakeshore Learning's STEM Challenge Kit for Grades 4-5.  It can be found/purchased here:

Learning Target:

SWBAT (one of the three options):

  • Design and make a building frame that is at least 12 inches tall, fits on the shake table, and stands straight after 20 shakes

  • Design and build a robotic arm that can grasp 3 types of balls from a distance of 12 inches

  • Design and build a water filtration system that will remove particles from dirty water

IOT gain familiarity with basic principles of engineering.

Vocabulary:Design, build, shake table, robotic arm, grasp, distance, filtration, particles, engineering, basic, principles
Lesson Steps and Time: 

Teacher will introduce learning target to students and explain the target, providing any definitions requested by students. (10 mins)

Teacher will go through the STEM Design Process with students, allowing discussion. (10 mins)

Teacher will split the class into 3 groups and provide materials to each group. (5 mins)

Students will work as a group to carry out the STEM Challenges while teacher circulates. (30 mins)

Teacher will call for clean up and close the lesson-see below for closure. (15 mins)

Materials:Pencils, copies of STEM Design Process worksheets, STEM Challenge kits
Differentiation:Teacher will assist students who are struggling with guidance for design and creation.

Students will clean up kits.

Whole group discussion of successes and challenges.

Students turn in STEM Design Process worksheets.


Formative: teacher questioning while students are building.

Summative: STEM Design Process Worksheets


Please use the resources given to you by your teacher to complete the challenge.