George (Tommy) Jones
Reading Literature
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Activity/Lab, Formative Assessment
Upper Primary, Middle School
3, 4
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  • Fable
  • Moral
  • Theme
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    Education Standards

    Teaching Theme with the fable "The Dove and the Ant"


    Students determine the moral/lesson of "The Dove and the Ant" and answer guiding questions. An extension research question is included.

    Teaching theme using the text "The Dove and the Ant"

    Read to the students the fable "The Dove and the Ant".  Look online and find a video of it too and have the students listen to it.   Choose the versions that best meet your needs. The guiding questions can be used with any of these versions. The version used here can be found in the Journeys basal Unit 3 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

    Discuss the meaning of the terms fable and moral. Show the students other fable examples or draw from previous lessons on fables to give the students a solid foundation of what a fable is and how common themes can come from these, "The Lion and the Mouse" is a good comparison for this text. 

    Students will orally complete guiding questions. 

    The fable, "The Dove and the Ant" will be read to the class. You will answer the guiding questions based on what has been read to you.