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    Useful Chrome Extensions for Newcomers

    Useful Chrome Extensions for Newcomers



    Help your newcomers become more independent in their content classes. These are only a few of the excellent Chromebook extensions you can add for free by browsing through Google Chrome's "Extension Library."  This is especially useful for middle and high school newcomers who can navigate difficult content through these scaffolded extensions. Please add comments on other extensions you use! 

    Useful Chrome Extensions for Newcomers

    Looking for ways to use technology to scaffold content for newcomers?  

     Chrome Extensions for ELs  (click the hyperlink to go to Chrome Web Store-Extensions) *These are free*

    *Once an extension is added to a student chromebook, the student may log in to any chromebook and the extension will still appear.

    1. Summarize Text Chrome Extension

     Resoomer: -Copy and paste text after clicking the Resoomer extension and it provides an  accurate summary from 10-90% of the original text.



    2. Read Aloud/Text-to-Speech Chrome Extensions                                                   Read&Write for Google Chrome -Will read-aloud any article from a website or a teacher’s handouts on Google docs. Also contains extra premium tools for a limited time.

      3. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Recorder- Highlights and reads aloud online texts or Google Docs.

    4. Google Translate-Newcomers can read content in their primary language

        Resultado de imagen para google translation app  Google Translate Chrome Extension (Translates online texts into various languages with one click.)

    The same article, now translated into Spanish with one click!


      Resultado de imagen para google translation appNo Chromebooks?  Use the Phone!

    Do you want a translation tool for your own printed handouts or textbooks?  

    Step 1.Download the Google Translation App on your phone or ipad.

    Step 2. Press the camera icon and hold over the printed text. C:\Users\jchamm\Desktop\Screenshot_20180124-103854.png


    Step 3.  Once scanning stops, choose “select all.” C:\Users\jchamm\Desktop\Screenshot_20180124-102937.png

    (This screenshot is from a science textbook, but could be used with books, handouts, tests, etc.)

    Step 4. Students can read or listen to the textbook/ handout in their native language. C:\Users\jchamm\Desktop\Screenshot_20180124-103213.png

    *Also, use the microphone icon to translate verbal directions/questions from one language to another.