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2: Creating a new path: Let's understand the journey that Harriet Tubman took through the Underground Railroad

2: Creating a new path: Let's understand the journey that Harriet Tubman took through the Underground Railroad


As students study Harriet Tubman and her contribution to the Underground Railroad, students will create a map that is labeled with coordinates and contains a number of stops at safehouses. Students will then create a paper map or a technological representation using a program for Dash to start from a specific location and travel along the Underground Railroad.

Instructor Directions

Engineering Process


2:Dashing through the Underground Railroad

Driving Question / ScenarioCreate a map that includes outlines numerous stops along the Underground Railroad, to gain an understanding of how many locations/stops were on the Underground Railroad path. 
Project SummaryStudents will learn about who Harriet Tubman was and the contribution to history she made through undertaking the diffcult positition of aiding slaves to freedom on through the Underground Railroad.  Students students will create a map, that will be labeled with coordinates and stops at safehouses/key locations that are on the Underground Railroad. Students will then use materials avaialble ( paper or technology), to create a map allowing others to gain insight and understanding of what the path taken would have been for those slaves looking to gain their freedom with the help of Harriet Tubman.
Estimated Time2 hours
Materials / Resources
  • Bulletin board paper for map
  • Pencils/markers
  • Dash
  • iPad to program Dash
  • Blockly app from Wonder Workshop
Standards2.H.1.2:  Identify contributions of historical figures (community, state, nation, and world) through various genres.
Project Outline
AskWhat path did slaves take to try to obtain their freedom? Where did they stop along the Underground Railroad? How can we provide an adeuate representation of the stops/locations that are on the Underground Railroad? 
ImagineAs a team, brainstorm ideas of the map that you want to create that includes a number of stops. Agree on a design and tools to be used. Try to include ideas from each teammate. Make sure everyones opinitions and voices are included in the creation of this project. 
PlanDraw a plan for your team’s map. Make sure the map is labeled with a coordinate grid. Include stops at safe houses along the way.
CreateUsing paper available, create the map that each team designed in the planning phase. After each team finishes their map, decide if you are able to create a digital version of the map or find ways to improve the non-technological version of your teams map. 
ImproveAs a team, create a program that makes Dash move through the map more efficiently using loops.
Closure / Student ReflectionsStudents can use a digital program similar to Seesaw or Flip Grid, can write down a refelction, or draw a reflection on how Harriet Tubman contributed to American history.
Possible Modifications / ExtensionsStudents could also engineer a type of cart or think of vehicles or other items that could have been benefical for providing cover for slaves moving through the Underground Railroad.
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