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Gallery OverviewAllow students who have a clear understanding of the content thus far in the unit to work on Gallery problems of their choosing. You can then use this time to provide additional help to students who need review of the unit’s concepts or to assist students who may have fallen behind on work.Problem DescriptionsParallelogram to CubeStudents have a chance to review angle measurements in a parallelogram. Building the cube helps students see the transition from two-dimensional shapes and their relationship to three-dimensional figures.QuadrilateralsStudents investigate the possible quadrilaterals that can be made from any four given side lengths, focusing on those that can’t make a quadrilateral. Students also look at possible parallelograms with two sides given and possible rhombuses with four sides given.DiagonalsStudents further investigate diagonals in quadrilaterals. If the diagonals are perpendicular, is the figure a rhombus?TrapezoidsHow many right angles can a trapezoid have? How many congruent angles or congruent sides can it have? Can its diagonals be perpendicular or congruent? Students investigate possible trapezoids.More AnglesStudents explore three intersecting lines and the combinations of angles.Diagonals and AnglesThe sides of a parallelogram are extended beyond the vertices, and students explore which angles are congruent and which are supplementary. Students also explore the effect diagonals have on interior angles.Exterior AnglesStudents  explore the sum of exterior angles for several polygons and speculate about the results.Angles and SidesStudents explore the relationship between angles and sides in a triangle and discover that the longest side is opposite the largest angle, and the shortest side is opposite the smallest angle (and congruent sides are opposite congruent angles).Ratios and AnglesStudents explore the ratios of the legs of a right triangle to the angles in the triangle. Students see that there is a unique ratio for each angle, and vice versa. This is an informal look at trigonometry.Find the AngleStudents solve equations to find angle measures in polygons.TessellationsStudents explore quadrilateral tessellations and why they tessellate. Students also explore tessellations of pentagons and other polygons.
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