English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric
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High School
  • Grade 11 ELA
  • Revision
  • Writing
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    Final Paper: American Dream

    Final Paper: American Dream


    In this lesson, students will write a draft of their final paper.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.

    Questions and Concerns

    • Ask students to share questions that apply to the whole class. For others, circulate and address questions on a one-on-one basis.
      • SWD: Some students may benefit from having the option to complete this activity in a smaller group discussion and to listen in and take notes only during the Whole Group Share. You can also allow some students the option to audio-record ideas or to write down comments to submit or share digitally.


    • List any pressing concerns or questions you have before beginning your draft.
    • Share those that apply to the whole class and ask your teacher about the ones that are specific to your paper.

    Open Notebook

    Paper Draft

    • Before students begin, remind them of the independent writing protocols you established earlier in the unit.
    • If students are completing their essay digitally, they may wish to continue their essay drafting in the same document as their planning.
      • SWD: Remind students their focus is on the content of their writing, and the editing and revising comes later (spelling words correctly sometimes becomes a sticking point for students with disabilities during the writing process).

    Work Time

    • Work on the draft of your paper.

    Open Notebook

    You Have a Choice
    First, determine how you will approach the work. You can choose to work independently, work with a partner, work with a group, or confer with the teacher.

    Wrap-Up Plan

    • Check in with students to get a sense of how far along they are in this process.
      • ELL: Conference with ELLs to make sure they are on track. Create an action plan with students who are behind.


    You will have to finish your draft for homework, as the next lesson will be a workshop day.

    • List all steps you still have to accomplish.

    Open Notebook

    Final Paper Draft

    • Drafts are due at the beginning of the next class.
    • Give the students a sense of how polished their draft should be for the workshop in the next lesson.


    • Finish the draft of your paper.

    Open Notebook