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    Granting Refuge Activity Group Arguments

    Granting Refuge Activity Group Arguments


    In this lesson, students will meet with their Granting Refuge Activity groups. Then they’ll meet in one of three groups: teenagers and their defenders, prosecutors, and policy board members. Finally, they’ll go back to their original groups to prepare arguments for the next lesson.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.

    Research Results Meeting

    • Check in with each group to make sure everyone is on task and is contributing productively.


    Meet with your Granting Refuge Activity group.

    • Report to your group all that you found in your research.

    You will have a short time to meet again during Lesson 21 before presenting your case.

    Subgroup Strategy Meeting

    • Students will need time in their subgroup formations to share research and plan some strategies.
    • Use today as time for meeting and planning presentations to begin in Lesson 21.
      • SWD: As you circulate through the room, be sure that SWDs are able to engage productively. Offer help as needed.

    Work Time

    As the class reconfigures into three separate subgroups, join the appropriate subgroup:

    • All the teenager and defense pairs
    • All the prosecutor pairs
    • All the policy board members
    • Share with your subgroup the information you have found. Discuss the strategies you plan to use in your presentations during Lessons 21 and 22.

    Strategy Meeting

    • Let students know that arguments for the Granting Refuge Activity will be heard during Lessons 21 and 22.


    Go back to your Granting Refuge Activity group.

    • This time, the teenager and her or his defense support team should meet and share resources and strategies.
    • The prosecution team should meet and share resources and strategies.
    • Policy board members should discuss what they learned from the other teams and figure out what they need to know about the laws.

    Independent Reading and Arguments

    • Remind students of the importance of claims and counterclaims in formulating an effective argument.
      • ELL: Consider providing these students with sentence frames as a way of supporting them.


    Continue working on your assignments.

    • Prepare your arguments for the hearings on your teenager. Arguments for Fila and Bem will take place during Lesson 21. Arguments for Beatriz and Sargon will take place during Lesson 22.
    • Read your Independent Reading book. Plan to finish the book by Lesson 22.