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    Reviewing Granted Asylums

    Reviewing Granted Asylums


    In this lesson, you'll see who the class thought should be granted asylum. You'll learn about your next assignment: a report on an issue from your Independent Reading book. You'll choose your issue, submit it to your teacher, and start working.

    In this lesson, students will see who the class thought should be granted asylum. They’ll learn about their next assignment: a report on an issue from their Independent Reading book. Students will choose their issue, submit it to you, and start working.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.


    • Acknowledge to students that they may believe some of the laws about asylum and immigration could be changed.
    • Ask them which teenagers would be granted asylum and which would not if they were in charge of making the rules.


    Who do you think should be granted asylum, and who should not?

    • Fila
    • Bem
    • Beatriz
    • Sargon

    Argument Essay

    • Allow students time to share their written arguments with a new audience before turning them in to you.

    Work Time

    Share your completed essay with a partner who has not read it before.

    • Read your partner’s argument essay and comment on it.

    Independent Reading Book

    • Ask students to share, with the same partner they had before, the issues they encountered in their Independent Reading books about outsiders and how they are treated or cultures that are different from mainstream American life.
    • Encourage students to share how their Independent Reading book addresses issues about the outsider, colonization, immigration, or globalization.

    Work Time

    So far in this unit, you have written a short narrative about fear and an argument about immigration. In the remaining lessons, you will report on issues about who is civilized and who is not on the basis of your reading of your Independent Reading book.

    • With the same partner, share what issues your chosen book raises.

    Report Assignment

    • Go over the Report Assignment with students.
    • Encourage them to isolate an issue prevalent in their books to write about and to think about what kind of research they will have to complete.
    • Let students know you will require their topic by the beginning of Lesson 25.

    Work Time

    You will write a report of information, using your Independent Reading book for issues, ideas, and illustration.

    • Review the Report Assignment.

    Your Issue

    • Make yourself available to students who need help in deciding what issue to write on.
    • SWD: Be aware of the level of complexity and the language load in this activity. Consider allowing SWDs to work in pairs as a form of support. Provide them with sentence frames if at all possible. Allow them to use a dictionary or other resources at all times.


    Choose one of the issues from your Independent Reading book to report on. Consider what research you will have to do to find information about the setting of the book and how that issue prevails in our society today.

    • Share your issue with your teacher before the beginning of Lesson 25.

    Open Notebook

    Report Assignment

    • Provide students with feedback on the particular issue they wish to research.
    • ELL: When students are writing their summaries, be sure that ELLs have time to discuss their summary with a partner before writing, to help them organize their thoughts. Allow ELLs who share the same primary language to discuss in that language if they wish.


    Share your topic with your teacher so you can get feedback.

    Begin your research.

    • Write a brief summary of the plot of your Independent Reading book to insert in your report where it fits best.

    Open Notebook